Newest movies hd,Fix?

I get the message “can’t play this video” after a few minutes of a video. Is this due to an Amazon update or is there a fix?

It would help a great deal if you provided some information. What device are you using and what app. That’s the bare bones of info we need to see if anyone else has experienced this issue and whether there is a solution or explanation.

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I am using a firestick 4k and the apk is newest movies hd. I tried the older version: movies hd and had the same message. The movies play perfectly for up to 5 minutes and then the message “can’t play this video appears snd the movie is cut off.


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Ether the player your using is not playing it properly or the movie is to new and you are not getting the right feed as it’s only a cam.

My suggestion would be to try mx player or vlc.

I would also try other streaming apps, if they work on other apps and not the one you are using then that solves the issue.

Testing other apps also tests if it’s your video player and if it’s just the link.

Always have backups for this reason. Are you using free service? (No real debrid or anything)

If free I’d recommend streamio.


Thanks, but I am using mx player pro and I can’t play any streams without them cutting out after “can’t play this video” message appears a few minutes into it. I have given up on this apk. Trying to navigate it, even using mouse toggle, is nearly impossible. Thanks for your input.


I would try other apps, If the same happens we know it’s not the app.

Try the following:

Kodi with crew or seren

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