New Xanax Build 18.1

Love the Xanax build but I cant get Yahoo to work nor Seren. I made sure I have the latest addon version but nothing I’ve done so far works. Everything else is A-ok.
Anyone else have the same problem??

I also downloaded it yesterday and you are right. I cannot get Seren to work. Haven’t tried Yahoo yet but everything else seems to work fine.

Most of the time, when you list something in your emails as an apk, in this instance, Xanax, there is a link. There’s nothing anywhere. Is it a stand alone apk, or just a Kodi build? I’m trying to stay with apps only on my box for now.

I added Xanax build to Kodi this morning and it did pop up that there was a newer version of Seren available. I did not update it yet. I did find the Xanax build to be very slow to do most anything. I did let it sit for 5 minutes to update but later when I went back I noticed everything is extremely slow. Internet is OK because Cinema was working like normal. Will give it more time or try the Xanax Fix and try a separate Kodi.

Truth be told, I don’t really care about Seren not working because there are plenty of other addons that work with no problems. What I really want to work is Yahoo. I love seeing the Temperature in my area when I open up the Build. I have fixed it so that the Temp is on every page but at this point I only see 32º because it is not working.

Ok, so I use another Weather addon called Weather IO and it’s working perfectly. All is well now. I don’t really care about Seren

Long time user of Kodi, cant get anything to work with Xanax build. Looks like movie going to start then nothing …on all builds.

I use Xanax every day. Something else is wrong. Uplug your router and count to 10 and restart, this usually clears up most problems. What device are you using and who is your internet provider?

Hi Everyone. Anybody knows the password for the adult section?

Password = 1234… So I’ve heard :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Thank You, I’ll try re-starting router, 2nd gen fire TV. Spectrum is provider. Also using IP Vanish for quite some time

Ok, I would also try it with IP Vanish and see if that works. I have a few customers with Spectrum and they have had a few issues so Spectrum could also be the culprit.
Let us know what if anything works. The one thing I know for sure is that the “Build” is not at fault.

Trying with IP Vanish from the get go. Don’t have any problems with any other added apps.
Must be Spectrum is all I know at this point. Thanks for your replies.

I’m sorry I meant try and turn IP Vanish off! That might be the culprit.