New TV with Google TV built in

I’m looking at replacing an 8 year old Samsung with a TCL Series 6 Google TV. TCL comes with 2GB of RAM and 8GB storage in a MediaTek MT9615 processor. Reason I’m intrigued by TCL is the integrated Google OS seems to give it integrated PC-like functionality. For example I’ve read that the TCL integrates with Google Drive in the cloud, making it simpler to store and play media on the TV from Drive vs go through the hit-n-miss configurations we find in Troypoint to add USB storage to say the new ONN dongle. The TV comes with multiple USB ports, so I could plug and play that way also.

Most of what we do/read in the TP Insider deals with 3rd party devices hooked up to TVs. I’m interested in user’s experiences with integrated TVs. Do I buy the TV, or just replace the 4K Firestick on the Samsung with the new Walmart dongle?

If you want to dig into your TV you can use it just like an added streaming device as it appears to have a full GoogleTV OS installed. I also remember someone adding a 128 GB USB drive into one of the USB ports. Now I don’t know all the precise clicks you’ll need to do, but I have read these TCLs perform similar to a stick or dongle so no need to add one to your hdmi port. If you decide to give it a go I suspect you’ll be able to get instructions for your specific model from TCL themselves. Wouldn’t hurt to explore this option. Let us know how you make out please.