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Hi again everyone, as much as I have loved my FireStick for many years, I am considering buying an andriod box, with true android version,preferably with version 10 that can be updated as and when needed. Going to pay between about £70-£120 I’ve heard of a few can anyone give me some good ideas it would bo much appreciated, I know my fellow Troypointers won’t let me down. Thanks again, Jimmy.


I have been using the Nvidia Shield Model P3430 and the MeCool KM6 for over a year now and they are both excellent boxes. The Nvidia seems to be a faster processor for my preferred applications but both are much faster than any Firestick device I have. The Nvidia is more expensive but worth the price in my opinion.

Good hunting!


I second the Nvidia product offering. I have both the Pro and standard models but like you started my streaming experience with FS’s. Although I have tried other Android models however the specs and performance coupled the support (greater accessibility and online support compared to other Android models out there) made my decision pretty easy. The difference in price is offset by the performance, ease of use and support (due to Nvidia’s primary/target market).

Hope this helps and if you do select an Nvidia product please let us know if we can help in any way.

Good luck and happy streaming

Hi Jimmy, I have had the Nvidia Shield tv (the tube one) for 6 months now without any problems, processing performance is great and it’s regularly updated by nvidia.

I have accumulated quite a few boxes over time but my Nvidia is definitely the best so far.

£150 ish new is quite expensive but UK Amazon Warehouse site have quite a few on now for £111 (usually repackaged or tiny scratches) and still with amazon guarantees. (click on the “used” link - most of the stuff I buy from amazon warehouse arrives brand new with just a tear on the packaging)

Alternatively, if you’ve had your firestick for a while and it’s an older model then you would be surprised how much better the new 4K fire stick package is and can be bought cheaper when amazon have a flash sale on.

Troy has plenty of reviews but I think he also rates the shield as the best if you have the budget for it.

Best of luck whatever you go for

Jimmy, After owning a Nvidia Shield, I can’t argue about the quality or processor in this device. However, the lack of sufficient internal memory (16 GBs),and limitations of the remote and TV Android operating system got me to end up with 3 less expensive pure android devices with excellent streaming performance, expanded RAM and internal memory and more application/customization choices. These boxes are the Magicsee N5 Plus, the X96s Android Stick and the Ugoos AM6 Pro. These devices operate on either android 9 or 10, have at least 4 GBs of RAM and at least 32 GBs of internal memory. The N5 Plus and Ugoos boxes also have external antennas which really help pull in your WiFi signals. You can check these devices out on TV Box Stop or Chigz Reviews, which can also provide where to purchase these devices.

thanks, I will have a look at them

I head buzz tv has an awesome box 4900 max

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I agree . I’ve had a buzz box 4900 XRS for a few months. I never had the Nvidia but I did have a formuler Z8 for a few years. Buzz box is faster and way more storage than the formuler.

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i have a 2017 nvidia shield i have used for years it does a great job but the remote is tricky and updates can cause disappearing apps for the visitor to my home to use the remote it can b
e a struggle
i did sticks for long time but slowly replaced them with cubes 16gb memory vs th 8 on sticks
i really find the cubes to work quite well just a step of the shield and less than half the price i have bought the cubes when amazon runs a sale at 79 bucks

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