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I just installed Kodi a couple weeks ago. I can’t believe it took me this long to get around to installing it. I used Troy’s Kodi “The Crew” tutorial. I like it, but I want to do more. Can anyone recommend some good tutorials for getting the most out of Kodi? Perhaps some good YouTube videos?

Thank in advance for any recommendations

Hello @Rkrasman the best thing you can do is setup Real-Debrid with Kodi. You will never look back. What is Real-Debrid and How To Setup on Kodi & Streaming Apps (2021)


I have Real-Debrid. I am only using it for Cinema right now.

Thanks for the info!

@Rkrasman It should also work great with Cinema as well. Works good with the Crew Kodi addon too.

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I have been a Real Debrid user in Kodi for about a year now and I will never be without. Best decision I ever made. I use it mostly with The Oath and Venom. I use The Crew for IPTV and Sports mostly.

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Put a build on it. I’d recommend Diggz Matrix, it has a little of everything.


I just got done doing some reading on the difference between Builds and Add-Ons. I think I prefer doing Add-Ons. This way I will know exactly what is on my Firestick, and I will be able to reduce the system resource requirements. Plus I want in-depth knowledge of Kodi. Not looking for the easy path. Does anyone else agree, or do you think I should just install a great build, since I have little experience with Kodi?

If you have real debrid account, you must get venom and siren add on… amazing vod content.


Yes, I do have a Real Debrid account. Cinema has been my go to app for movies and tv shows. I am currently using ComStar IPTV service. They have been pretty good, but missing some channels I would like to have. I will take a look at Venom and Siren Add-Ons. Thanks!

Worth it.

I use both with real debrid and no issues for content.

I use add-ons- because who know better which one’s work and the ones that don’t.
1.Tempest-2.The Oath-3.Sky Net-4.The Crew 5-Q Sports
4 for live sports-movies-IPTV 5.for IPTV only-backup
The others for movies including Maverick and 4ktubi is my kodi setup along with a few others in the other areas.

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I just use add ons. I find when I use a build there are too many apps that I don’t use or don’t work. I prefer choosing what app i want because it changes all the time

Ya i just use the crew add on works great

I recommend using addons and creating your own build. There’s no better way to learn how to create your own build than by just doing it…every question you’ll have can be answered by doing Web searches.
Seren and The Oath along with The Crew addon are great for almost anything you’ll look for too.

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Thanks for all the recommendations!

yeah i think its best to put your own Addons on kodi i feel to many Addons from builds slows kodi down SEO michael has some great repos for addons

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