New to Firestick that has been jailbroken?

Hi…brand new to this and trying to learn. If this is not the right area to ask a question, please direct me as to where I should be. I have checked over the site and not seen my type of question. If it’s there and I missed it, I do apologize.
I have had a ‘jailbroken’ firestick installed with numerous ‘apps’ on it. I did not set it up, but paid someone to do that so I have little to no knowledge of how to put some apps on it. This person is no longer reachable, so I cannot ask her.
There is an app that was installed called Tranquility v4. Thru here I am able to watch live network and typical ‘cable’ channels as well as most every sport imaginable, movies etc. The previous app I used is no longer accessible on this device and I’m not totally thrilled with Tranquility v4. I have heard of Tivimate and you need an IPTV (?) and and M3u URL. With having the programming stated above, and I able to add an IPTV and get a M3U URL without messing anything up? I’ve heard good stuff about Tivimate with live network feeds and the such and am interested. I realize there is a fee for that particular item, but what about the IPTV or M3U URL? And since I already have some side-loaded programming on my Firestick, do I need an IPTV or M3U URL? Sorry for the questions or total lack of knowledge, but I just haven’t been able to find an answer on the internet that helps me out.
Yes, I could get and IPTV & M3U URL but don’t know if it will mess up what I have or if that is already in my system.
Thanks for reading this long confusing paragraph…just looking where to find some help.
Thank you so very much

Welcome to Troy’s little streaming heaven. There are articles on here giving you instructions on how to do and get, what you want

That’s for starters. I also have Tivimate premium but never use it any more.
You can add free m3u urls in the free TV section of TeaTV, for example, and get tons of free feeds, but Tivimate does have one advantage and that is it may have an EPG to go with those free channels. Have a look at Troy’s tutorial and see if this helps. If not then don’t hesitate to ask more questions. Lots of ppl here love helping find answers and solutions.


Thank you so very much on giving me some direction on where to go to figure this out. I will check this out a bit later tonight and if there is more info needed…I will certainly ask.
Again…Thank YOU

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