New Streamio App missing Addons

Needing an older version of streamio (1.4.13) newer version (1.4.23) dont load all the add-ons


Which addons? The most important ones are still on the community addon section.

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@JBlass Very easy fix

  1. Log into Stremio to be sure you are registered
  2. Get out of Stremio using the back button
  3. Open Silk Browser and enter this on the address bar:
  4. This will open the Torrentio Add-on, scroll to the bottom and select Install
  5. This will open Stremio at the Torrentio add on, select Install
  6. You are good to go with lots of add-ons add-ons
  7. Be sure to close Silk Browser

Occasionally users have to enter: Torrentio - Stremio Addon but the above will get Stremio without Real Debrid which Stremio doesn’t need anyway

Hope this helps


I am using Andriod box… Dynalink. Does this work with Google or downloader?

I just entered: in DOWNLOADER and the Torrentio add-on page came right up. Didn’t try Google

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Im still unsure what your missing as torrentio is the main community addon.

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Additional add-ons
TPB+. (https://)
RARBG. (http://)

@TP-Dracoo NEW users and sometimes new updates of Stremio no longer include Torrentio. So if you are new to Stremio, the Torrentio add-on is not in the community add-on list. It must be downloaded as described above. Old users such as myself and probably @TP-Dracoo are grandfathered and all the old add-ons load for us. NEW users and certain updates require the sideload


Didnt know that, and thats strange because its there in multiple logins i have new and old. But if that’s the case then i was unaware. I will try again with a new account new download. Thanks for the tip.

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Thank you, I was having the problem with on one of my boxes. The version 1.4.23 was not loading the addons like the older version. Is all

Just downloaded a new copy and used on my phone, its not there for a new user. Now i know. When my computer is up and running i will do a little tutorial on this for others. :slight_smile:


I will take a snap shot and send you. My older version I will take a snap shot. I have 2 different log in

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