New shows not loading

New shows haven’t been loading as well as I get no stream available. I’ll have a large number of streams but nothing plays. I also have read debrid and a vpn.

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Is it a particular build you are using or are they add on’s and if they are add on’s then are all add on’s giving you the same problems?


Real Debrid most likely expired. Login on the website to check your subscription, renew, and reauthorize if necessary.

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Totes was true for me…Covered in his Kodi all parts build out. It explains why I got nearly all of a show and couldn’t get last two episodes…

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It’s current and up to date. It works on other addins

Not on a build just the stand alone

There are no issues if you are using Addons that work. what addons are you using? The Crew and 9Lives have been working Flawlessly for several months. I suggest you try those

The crew is my go to. It populates dozens of feeds . Then whatever one a pick, scrolls through all to say no feeds available. Been going on about 3 months now. Haven’t been able to use kodi

That is really Strange? I’ve been using The Crew and 9Lives in a Build I’ve been using for years. I think you need a complete redo. Download a Fresh Copy of 20.2 from the Troypoint Toolbox, resinstall The Crew and Authorize RD. Should be good to go

previously did that but will delete Kodi and real instal from the toolbox