New ONN Android TV Box is out

The new ONN box has finally made it into the wild. Check it here


Oh nice, canada doesnt have these or the old one, however we have the onn tablets which are pretty decent cheap alternative.


I don’t understand why we don’t have them when as you said, we do have the tablets at Walmart. Same company, it makes no sense at all. Even though the box has been shot down by a number of people, I am positive I will be across from the USA in the next month or so and I will pop across and try and get one.


Well, it’s an American company and the rich elite behind walmart makes up the rules. If they where sold here they wouldnt be 20 bucks more like 90.


Awesome, just went to and didn’t see them. Are they selling them now? See you must purchase from local Walmart store now. Can’t order online yet


Coming soon my friend.


Looks and sounds like a firestick in a box except for the operating system. Too little RAM (2gb) and internal memory (8gb) to be a good streamer over the long haul. Spend a few more dollars and get something with 4gb of RAM and 32 gb of internal memory along with a decent processor. You’ll avoid the headaches later.




AV1 support !


google requires 2 gb ram to be certified… yep. Not real sure who nvidea paid off to get 3gb certified. Actually makes no sense to me.

Was looking for something easy to use. I’m not that experienced in sideloading devices. This device seemed similar to firestick, so was going to try it out.

Couple of friends are encouraging me to get a Navida Shield. Nervous about being able to sideload this kind of device.

Thanks for your input


I still have one of the old Onns for my Son’s room. It is decent. I’m not sure if I would consider it as your main streamer, but for a porch or satellite tv it works fine. Easy to use and easy to side load.


I find the onn boxes useful for running live channels only and pulling the network tuner feed for locals only.


I feel kind of ‘let down’ after all the waiting & hype…I like my original onn for traveling & weekends away from home, but for some reason I was expecting this to be the ‘next big thing’…no hurry here to rush out & look for it

I agree…sounded like the rumors were leaning towards a decent upgrade with these.


You’re welcome. There are quite a few detailed tutorials on Troypoint on how to load your favorite apps onto stock android and android TV boxes, so no worries if you decide to get one of the several android devices reviewed here on Troypoint.


Lol, putting the shield on my birthday and christmas list. Maybe my sister or nephew will gift it to me. I will look for sideloading video to follow. I got sideloading the firestick down. Guess its time to upgrade my device and skill level.

Thanks for the encouragement


Was going to replace my 4k firestick with the ONN box. Too many restrictions with firestick. My main device is my 4k max with 32gb external drive.

Lol, putting the shield on my birthday and/or christmas list. Maybe my sister and nephew will gift it to me. I will look for sideloading videos to follow. I got sideloading the firestick down. Guess its time to upgrade my device and skill level.

The Insider family is so supportive and encouraging


Be sure to look at the Ugoos and BuzzTV box reviews on Troypoint and Utube. They are top quality and may cost you less than the shield.

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Will do and thanks again. Saving a couple dollars is always a good practice. Just hope they are easy to sideload and navigate around. I get frustrated will programming isn’t working out right. As long as I have a good how to video, I’m good to go.

Have a great evening


I have them in Grandkids bedrooms and they are the perfect every day streamer for them. No issues