NEW Oct 2022 Diggz Xenon Build
doesn’t work
at least not for me
first, I, of course, used copy and paste
didn’t work
tried 5 times
didn’t work
I typed it in
didn’t work
I added ‘/’
at end
didn’t work
advice/ por favor

A search would have brought up another thread in which I posted the URL.


Thanks for your help
i really appreciate it
I did the search
couldn’t find your post
even after I received your message
seems the posts are not in date order
so first time, I assumed it wasn’t there after I saw august 2022
even the second time I looked
I didn’t find it
this is my first post here
and I made sure that I read the rules
since it appears that you have been here a long time
‘be gentle with me’

Lol. I understand fully, and I’m always gentle. Yes searching is a bit of an art and not as easy to get the precise info you are searching for, but I have no doubt you will catch on. Just be sure to have fun. Welcome to Troy’s little piece of cord cutting heaven.


Yes, thanks so much, I was having no luck with other url as well.

Did not work for me either I only tried 3 times

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The new Kodi Build did not work.I could not install it.I spent all day and even into the night just trying and trying,someone please help.

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Yes, I found this a problem too. Tried installing using the Tinyurl link but no good. Maybe Troy, can shed some light on whether Diggz is open again or not! all the best everyone!


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