New NVIDIA Shield TV Pro

How do I add new APK’s to this I’m new to this and like to add jetstream apk
all help will be appreciated

I would do a significant amount of research on and familiarize yourself with Troy’s guides. You can also use his toolbox ( TROYPOINT Toolbox ) to install some of the mainstream apks we use. As far as JetStream, I thought it was in the PlayStore, but not in front of my box to check. Here is a backup:加速器/

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thanks as i’m new i use to use kodie then forgot how after a while

Never too late to get started again. Troy’s main site will help you with what you need getting setup, and the Insider can supplement that if you still need more help.

With my Shield I have “Downloader” installed and I do an online search to find my APK that I want, once I find a safe library and my APK within that “store/library” I click on the link to download it. Downloader will download it and then ask if you want to install it, I let it do just that. Then once the install is done I delete the APK. APKs are Andoid Package Kits and are not needed once the install is complete and I delete them to save space on my Shield. Now there may be countless little things that can go wrong so it will take you a while to learn how to navigate the stores, but over time you’ll become a pro. If you miss a part of the process or need additional answers then you know where to find us. This info is pretty generic and not specifically for Kodi as it isn’t anything I use.
Have fun and STREAM ON!!!

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Did Someone say there is a New NVIDIA Shield TV PRO??? :smiley:

Don’t we all wish. But unfortunately no. From back channel rumors, the info is that the shields will be discontinued and an entirely new device with heavy AI intigration with 8GBs of Ram and 64 G of ROM. There is a new OS being coded that apparently is far superior to Android. Of course this is all rumour and speculation until a license application is registered by Nvidia.
Have fun and STREAM ON!!!


The new old Nvidia Shield :joy:

JetStream APK for Android Download (

Hi Miki
i just receive my shield tv pro started the 9.1.1 upgrade now it seems stuck on the upgrade to dheild experience upgrade 9.1.1 over 30 mins is the normal thanks

I would say no . I have been using the Nvidia shield since it first came out and I can’t recall ever having to wait that long for a update. Sounds like you are locked up for some reason could be a sticky situation. :face_with_peeking_eye::thinking:

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do you think try to kill the power now over a 1hr

Just unplug it for a few minutes.

At this point it’s probably your only option. Messing with the power during a download/update could brick the unit but at this long you don’t really have anything else to do. If it’s a new unit and it doesn’t come back on I would recommend that you return it for a new one. Every once in a while a lemon gets through and unfortunately looks like you have one. Depending on where you bought it Nvidia has a great customer service department. Good luck.

thanks for all the replies i unpluged wait a min and pluged back in i did the final install and came back to life ‘’‘’‘’‘’‘’‘’'weird
my next step is to get Jetstreamtv installed


Glad it came back for you . Never know with electronics funny at times. :v::sunglasses:

I think my update took about 5 minutres.