New MYTVOnline+ Mobile App

For Android phone


how do you use it? something is missing on sign in page?
server addy
only 2 entries on sign in page,should be 3?

Content Sources, click + ( top besides Content Sources), + Add Sources,+ Add portal
Enter XC portal info

on start page i only have 2 lines
that’s it?

if i hit the settings button on the lower right it just brings up tv1,tv2,tv3…that’s it

I really wish they would make the player app available to us non-Formuler folks.

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after a lil research i learned it’s only for formuler boxes

You have the wrong app - think the one you have downloaded is a cracked app used by a IPTV seller

Correct app - MYTVOnline+

The app is for Android phones download from play store, don’t need a Formuler box

Guess it could be used on Android tablet but I don’t have one to test

Thanks, but no way could I ever v iew anything on my phone…waaay too small for my tired old eyes. lol :eyes:

I found this on my modified Fire HD 10 tablet and downloaded it. I installed a freebie m3u8 and it loaded and played.

Now is this player the same as the MyTVOnline 3, or is this a knockoff?

My only issue is the player does not allow the input from an extrem code. Seems the only way is to put in an m3u and a separate epg. However, I would imagine an m3u8 would work.

It’s official from Formuler for Android phones

Free app at the moment but when they add other features will become paid.
Think they plan to release ios version in the future

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Screen shots XC portal set up

Click + by Content Sources

+Add Portal

I put it on my tablet and will mess around with it, but I already have Tivimate and Televizo installed, and I also have Sparkle if I want to add another.

Tbh, Tivimate is the king of the player hill. Also, since this MyTVOnline player doesn’t have an option for extreme codes. Then most likely I will be uninstalling it. I am already having a hard time getting an epg to load and populate.

So, like I said, i most likely will uninstall it. But thanks for the heads up on this.

Posted above screen shots for XC portal setup - toggle Login Required to enter Username / Password

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Oops, I missed that. Thanks

I haven’t messed with it yet. Tbh, I forgot about it being on my tablet. I will give it another look later on.

I do have Tivimate and Televizio already installed on my tablet and could install Sparkle on it, too. I really don’t watch much on my tablet anymore since I moved away from Florida. Used to take it with me to the beach back then.

Thanks @MikeN for this info. I purchased Televizo specifically for my tablet and I find this one works just as well and it’s free. Wouldn’t have paid for the other one if I’d known about this one. :person_shrugging:
Loaded 3 Xtreme codes and Pluto and all looking good!
I can’t believe it’s free. :thinking:

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Like I said, can’t believe it’s free. Just reading on the Formuler support chat that this is the first release and it’s free but there’s another release coming with way more options they claim and it will be a paid version. No mention of cost or timeline. :confused::person_shrugging:

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