New MECOOL KM2 PLUS Deluxe Review & Setup Video

Originally published at: New MECOOL KM2 PLUS Deluxe Review & Setup Video

The MECOOL KM2 PLUS Deluxe is now available and this review will provide you with everything you need to know about this streaming box. It’s been awhile since we’ve seen a new Android TV/Google TV device from this company and it’s right in time for the holidays! Below you will find a First Impressions Video…


Damn. Looks awesome but that price is steep for a China box. What would you recommend for a cheaper box with Android TV?

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My KM1 Deluxe (4/32) is a great little streamer. My only minor complaint is that it would overheat and shut down every couple of days. Easy solution was a cheap USB powered little fan that sits under it and plugs into the side of the MECOOL. Hasn’t shut down once in 6 months since. Love the internal memory and features. I bet this new KM2 PLUS Deluxe will be a winner.


Only USB 2.0? Seems like foolish cost cutting and would prevent me from buying it.

Onn and Tivo 4k’s are both fantastic for their respective prices, and both run AndroidTV. Any of these in the Mecool line are good too, but obviously more expensive…depends on your needs.

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Anyone have any experience with this new device? Seems to be comparable to Nvidia shield but better price.

If you use the search :mag: :point_up_2: You will see 3 articles from Troy and a number of threads from users you can read.

I have the older Mecool KM 2 Plus, and a Shield pro and for me the Shield is far better, does not compare for me.


None of them are reviews just specs wanted to know user experience.

There are a bunch of threads with info. Some may have stuff you can use and sources to reference. I don’t have a deluxe so haven’t read them, but it’s a start.

km2 plus is a nice box but is no where near a shield in any comparison.


Hey @TXRon do you know if there’s much difference between the + and the Deluxe? I guess I’d have to do an online search and read the specs, but was just curious.

Miki only difference as far as I can tell is the plus has av1 codec and some dolby additions.

Tx @TXRon so reading all the info on the + models will definately help. Have a great day and best of the season to you and your family.

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the original km2 had a S905X2 vs the plus which has a s905X4

Well you know more about this stuff than I do, but from seeing conversations I have read, the x4 is very good.

yes the x4 is currently the most common/found on todays boxes.

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Have you used this box? I am asking about the this box because the specs are pretty nice and it’s a good bit cheaper than Nvidia shield. If device is true to specs think it may be good alternative to shield. Only care about this because of price and specs trying to see if anyone here has any information on the actual user experience. Because specs can say one thing but until you use one of these non mainstream boxes you never really know.

Ive used or tried most mecool boxes, however the km2 plus is the newest and I havent tried it or really interested in trying because its just another x905 box. This is just an upgraded km2 with dolby additions and AV1 added, other than that its most like other boxes. A comparison with a shield is its not even going to be close if you go by bench test only. The downside is they didnt upgrade the memory/ram. 2GB ram is on the low side but most likely wont be an issue however most similar boxes have 4GB ram. The Shield uses a tegra chip and blows this box out of the water.

According to their Twitter it’s 4gb ram 32 gb memory seems like not much information is known right now I’ll be waiting for the first reviews to drop.