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I have downloaded the new Kodi, I then did you tutorial for add ins and I did Diggz’ but no movies work on any of the add ons not sure if I am doing something wrong. I am not really technical and your tutorials are really good, but cant get any movies at all, they show up, says there are some sources, then I click on it and it says “one or more item failed to play, check the log for more information about this message” then I say Ok and it just closes

Also do you have a good recommendation for IPTV?


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What device is kodi installed on?

And if you are a free user alot of free content doesn’t play or no streams.

I would recommend Uninstalling kodi and reinstall fresh 19.3 and use the crew and oath addons instead they have better free content.

I would recommend real debrid but let’s focus on your issue first. You can use builds if you wish.

Best kodi builds. Guide also

Iptv check out the shop category.


Hi, I have it installed on my firestick. I did the new build, so kodi 19.3, but nothing plays :frowning:

Should I uninstall and reinstall. I followed Troy’s tutorials and add ons


Hi @AmandaJN
Sorry it didn’t work. @TP-Dracoo guides are the go to.
Might I suggest, with all due respect, try downloading individual add-ons vs a build. You can search here on the forum for recommends and how-to’s.



What do you mean they won’t play?

Are you still receiving the error? I think something was done incorrectly that’s Typically when you get the error.

Error log.

Try checking your error log and posting a pic of what it says.

Make sure all repo and url info is correct.

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Hi, yes, still getting the error, I will try take a picture an post on here, where can I check the log as the message says, check the log?
Thank you

Hi, any chance you can share a link, I can’t seem to find any detail on how to do this, like I say I’m no expert, a novice, sorry for all the questions, and asking for advise


I sent you a link to check your error logs.

I still believe there is some user error invloved.

Thank you, you are probably right, but not sure how to fix, maybe I should delete and reinstall


If you do I would follow the guides.

Also instead of a build try just a addon.

Free users: crew and oath.
Paid: crew seren

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Thank you for your support, I will try this this evening. I did follow Troy’s instructions, but with all the builds on Diggz, may be too many to cope with

Do you know which is the best provider for IPTV, I had someone last month and it didn’t work and they were hopeless at support, never had any program information showing


Let’s keep this topic aboutnyour current issue.

For iptv providers check out the shop category or the pinned thread for best providers.

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