New ISP IP changed

A couple of days ago, my ISP had an outage. My IP has changed. Should I be concerned about anything since I am streaming?

ProtonVPN is on 100%. Now, it has dropped in the past. Just wondering, so I can have a heads-up if any concerns reach me from my ISP. Hopefully I am just overly concerns for no real reason.

Thanks folks,


You probably are like most users and have a dynamic IP Address assigned, so the lease may only be for a certain period of time and then may be changed or simply renewed. Unless you pay for a Static IP addy then it will remain the same. IPs have “blocks” of addresses they own.

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Thanks, Miki. Sounds good to me. Just having some issues and wanted to get this possibility out of the way.

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depending on the server im connected to surfshark will rotate my ip number randomely. I believe its part of something new they are working on. I have desktop alerts for this other wise I would never know its going on but rest assured the vpn is active.