New diggz build and kodi karaoke addon

the title of the post pretty much says it all. I used to use the diggz xeon build and it had kodi karaoke under the muisc addons, or favorites or something. it is missing from the planet diggz new version, and I was wondering if there was a way to add an addon to the planet diggz build? there is an option in the new diggz build to install the xeon build and swicth skins… was just trying to save space


The developer of the Diggz Wizard out of nowhere announced that he changed his mind and decided to drop the Xenon build and stick with Planet diggz . I read his post on his Facebook group last month .
If you go into the Diggz repo and go into the video addons section you should find the karaoke addon and you can install it. Good luck.

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Thanks for the update, I have been waiting for it to come back so I could install it and try it out.

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That sucks, i loved the Xenon build. I have been waiting for the new build to be released. Thank you for letting us know it has been dropped. I guess i will try the planet build on all of my devices.

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I used Xenon last year and eventually ended up hating it . It was so over bloated with garbage that I didn’t need or use . Now I use the Xlite build which has everything on 1 screen , TV , Movies, Networks and LiveTV . Hated having to scroll through 8 screens to get to something . A good alternative to Xenon is the Xontrix build in the Funsters repository. It’s very similar.

Does xlite build have a library that updates its self for episodes?

The main menu has a favorites section m I think what you’re referring to is the library found in each addon . Should work the same as on any other build. I personally haven’t used it.

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