New device needed but which! Please help 👇

Hi all
I got a firestick
Been using them for years for streaming
Also regularly user of filmplus and Kodi

Both are either crashing or no links available
(If they are they all different languages !!!
Also on real debrid
And vpn :+1:

Am I doing something wrong or is it time to move on !!

Links are either not coming through or just not viable to play !!!

I’m getting really frustrated with all this
Please is there another device I can use instead

£60 or less

I just want something reliable that works
Ps small enough to take on holiday also
So nothing bulky please

Thanks everyone for reading

hi i have stick i think its prob the apps you have i watch all i need with mine i e sports movies etc with no problems what stick do you have

I got the firestick lite

I just cleared all deletable apps not using

Can’t help you with APK’s but I can with KODI. I don’t use Firesticks and I’d recommend the $20 ONN 4K Box at Walmart. But let’s see if it’s something with KODI that you can fix now on your stick. Do you use a Build or Addons? If so what Addons are you using? What version of KODI do you have? Most addons are optimized to work with KODI 20 and above. Is your Real Debrid sub up to date with days left?

also just check with vpn off and rd

@Jojo7 You may find the ONN box hard/expensive to find in the UK. TiVo 4k is inexpensive if available in the UK.

I don’t think it’s the hardware. I think its something to do with the sources of the addons/apks you are using. Have you used the methods described on Troypoint to set up your firestick? They don’t always work as written but at least we’ll know what you have and are doing.

The pro is better, but this is small and easy to bring along when you vacation.

Btw, you just missed the sale price a coupe of days ago.

I don’t believe that the root cause of the issue is your device. Though for apps suddenly crashing (please elaborate), if it’s not a software conflict, it could be a thermal issue with device cooling.

The device wouldn’t cause a sudden lack of RD sources not to appear. You should double check and make sure your RD sub is still current on their site.

Worst case, a factory reset and fresh install isn’t a bad idea. I used to do a factory reset and reinstall once a year when I was using firesticks.

I don’t do that nearly as often, nor does the need warrant it, since switching over to my Shield Pro a couple years back.

I would ditch filmplus and get stremio, once setup with torrentio and real debrid it is amazing.


I’m with some of the others. Get the Onn from Walmart. As I’ve said before it outperforms both my Fire sticks. 4k and 4kmax.

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