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I am fairly well versed with the debloat tool , have used it in the past. I am about to install the new 1, does anyone know which Specific system apps I would not want to disable in order to not Affect the operation of the fire stick ? I have a fire stick Max and a fire cube. In past, i have disabled all except Alexa voice stuff, prime, update stuff and system xray. Troy got me nervous :sweat: when he said not to disable all system stuff unless you knew what you were doing.

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I disabled everything except the Alexa stuff. 4K Max. I haven’t noticed any negative effects to my using or streaming with the firestick.

I began debloating Firesticks almost a year prior to the DeBloat tool issued by my buddy with a YouTube channel. I initially gave him 15 or 16 processes which I was writing out by hand using ADB when he asked me to discover all that I could find. There are actually at that time 55 which mattered & another 23 which had a very slight advantage. He worked with others & in the 5th version they came up with 93, 3 of them I do not advise doing.
Best trick is to use ES Explorer, go to Apps & Uninstall back to Factory all actual apps you do not use. Do Not uninstall the robot looking 2 antenna types such as Live TV, Device Control.
After uninstalling all you want such as News etc… close EX Explorer & run the DeBloat Tool. In this way, every 6 months when you update the Firestick, un-Debloat everything but install only the update then close updating again. Do not re-install accessories unless you want to once again Uninstall & Debloat from scratch. This reclaims the maximum of space available & makes it extremely hard for those processes to re-inflate.
I stopped working with Firesticks moving onward to the Google Smart TV O/S (Fabulous) & NVisia Shield Pro. I have made the Sony version of the Google O/S Smart TV work “almost” as good as the NVidia Shield & with 2 x 900 usb connections would be as good. The 500 connection is too slow. The 900 absolutely perfect but make sure to use an actual high speed usb flash drive such as a Samsung bar 3.1 in 64 or 128 gig.

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Sorry ES as in Sam Explorer, please excuse the fat finger typing error

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