New Buzztv 5 new remote

I replaced the remote that came with the Buzztv 5 with a new on (was not happy with original - buttons to low on body of remote) the new remote is a ARQ 100 and comes recommended by the Buzztv people. But I cannot control the volume with the remote. I tried everything that I know (not much) including paring for the volume button by itself. No luck. The Buzztv people told me that this remote cannot control volume??? What good is a remote that cannot control volume. Anyone out there that has any ideas, or do I need to return this?

Couldn’t agree more, why would they recommend that remote if it won’t control the volume! Return it

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ZIP TIES (to anothr remote)… lol

In other words return that sukker

what a buzzkill, is this our first impression review?..

dumbest thing I ever heard… recommend a remote that doesnt work :thinking:

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I have the Buzz X5 and I paired this remote and it works great…
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