New 4K TV suggestions?

I have narrowed my search for a new 4K TV to these 2 budget friendly models

Hisense – 50A6G – 50" 4K UHD Android Smart TV
Amazon - 50" Class 4-Series 4K UHD Smart Fire TV

I am familiar with both OS platforms; I currently use a Fire TV Stick 4K Max and a Mi Box S and I have expanded the storage space on both devices. So, can I just check the box to allow USB debugging, plug in a USB drive and follow the instructions for formatting and setting up to expand the storage on these TVs?

I’m my experience, TCL is the best bang for your buck. Although they mostly use Roku. But I think an external streaming device is the way to go anyway.

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I’m not a highsense supporter. I love Samsung though and although it is the Tizen OS they have worked flawlessly for me when integrating any streaming device. Dependable and backed by a huge electronic and tech company. Also very inexpensive IMHO. Maybe something to consider.

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Ive heard nothing good about amazon fire tv’s

Not surprised. Poor Amazon being ignored. :joy:

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Sorry…as you get older you just say whatever comes to mind…kinda like “Get off My Lawn”

Yup I’m with you. Once I blew by 65 I found myself suffering from foot in mouth disease. :upside_down_face:

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Shoot…I started that well before 65 :disguised_face:

BTW…I too am a Samsung TV fan…I’ve gotten many years of service out of them…don’t do the smart tvs tho…as I think I can find smarter tech than they put in em…


Thank you for your input. I have looked at TCL with Android TV but the configuration of the volume controls is unaccessible for me.

Thank you for your input. I will consider your suggestion.

Thank you for your input.

I hope you didn’t take any offence that I did not focus on an Android smart TV. It’s just that after many years in this hobby I too have come to the conclusion that an external device connected via HDMI will make your TV smarter than most of the TVs on the market today. I do think, with the advent of recent events, that perhaps an Android OS device like the ONN Walmart sticks may be a good starting place for you to explore this hobby as they only cost about $20 and gives you a chance to test the Streaming waters. This way should you not like what you have you only need to buy another inexpensive device instead of replacing the entire TV.

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It’s pretty hard finding a non-smart TV 4K these days. Especially really priced.

Separate components are always better and more preferred to an all-in-one setup. Imho, you could either save a little money or opt for a bigger or better TV by outsmarting the smart tv.

I have a smart tv that I have never used any of the “smart hub apps” Tbh, I don’t even know what apps are on there…never looked. I’ve always used a android device for my smartness. lol


Roger that…I haven’t shopped around for a tv lately so I’m not aware of what’s out there at present. Pretty sure most of the peeps on this forum like the idea of ancillary gizmos as opposed to built in…as the options are endless…& fun to play with I might add. Good luck with whatever you decide on… :cowboy_hat_face:


No offense taken. I’m just trying to buy a decent 4K TV and all the ones I have seen at a reasonable price are smart TVs. I too consider this a hobby but I’m just trying to keep things simple for my family.

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