New 2023 walmart onn 4k stream box sound problem

set up the new version of onn box. Found that every so often the sound drops for a split second. Was doing it about every 7-8 minutes on live feed from Youtube TV and also on playback of recorded show.
Thought it might be the youtube tv feed, but hooked up my older onn box to other tv and sound was fine. So switched the 2 boxes and now the new box doing the same thing on the other feed from youtube tv. so must be the box itself. will return and try a different one.

BTW the gear button on remote will not work either. I have to go to the app menu and choose the settings app to get to settings

Did you do the Remote update? if not it might help.

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did updates to box and remote it is definitely a box problem as I set box up exactly as older model and had both boxes running side by side and new box has the problem while old box working fine. So it was not the subscription service or my wifi. removed all the apps except the default Google tv apps so I know it was not an competing app causing problems.