Network issue with repo

have done that get screen can not connect no internet.
link is spelled ok I did see post with a forward / after repo but that didn’t work either.
any other suggestions.

Hi @glb1025
So if you get a message… can not connect no internet, then that suggest to me that you might not be connected to your network.
Check to ensure your device is connected to your router either wirelessly or through using an Ethernet cable.

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I would not disagree except everything else on Kodi works
plus other items on fire stick, so I would believe my network
is connected. It is connected by ethernet cable.

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Hello @glb1025 this usually happens for one of two reasons. 1. You made a mistake typing the repo URL. You said that’s not the case so 2. The repo has been shut down. What addon/build are you trying to install?


I am trying to install Mad Titan Sports. I have went through the steps on Troypoint 3 times carefully checking the spelling, and all seems ok until I go back to Kodi main screen, and Mad Titan Sports is not there. Has the service been shut down? Thanks in advance.

Hi @hammer
I just installed Mad Titan and checked a few links.
All working.
I suggest that you go back and see if a step was over looked.

Sbrowne126, I went through everything again, but Mad Titan Sports does not show up on the Kodi Home screen. I’m sure I have followed the instruction properly. Is there another link showing how to install? Thanks.

Does it show up under Add-ons?
Try http: or https:

Addon Info

Addon name: Mad Titan Sports

Repo name: Magnetic Repo

Source URL:

Alternative URL:

Media source naming: magnetic


@hammer if you are using the default Kodi skin, you will need to go to the Add-ons section of the home screen to see it after installing.


I am having the same issue with Mad Titan Sports. Witht he exception that the only ones not able to connect are Cable W/ guide, Local News, and below those.

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