Netgear Armor Security Package

I just received a renewal notice for the Netgear Armor Security Package that was part of my Orbi router. I wonder if it adds any protection to my home network when I have all the devices protected by virus protection and am not a big home automation user. The cost is $99 now per year, but it was either free or less than $30 in the past. Thoughts?

check an double check sounds iffy try going direct to site first

Seems redundant to me if you already have virus protection software installed on PC and devices

Thanks pirate77, the email was from the main web page of Netgear and is legit. My question was about any added value it brings, network protection-wise.

That has been my question, but I was not sure if I was missing a network gap that it fills.

i think@MarkxG has it right

Yeah I spent a few minutes on the site. Not familiar with that product but I use Trend Micro Internet Security on my Network and this seems like it is similar Virus protection software. And you said you already have something else that does that

I have it and recently renewed for a special offer price of $25 (or so). I think it’s great. With the companion app on my phone, anytime anyone connected to my router comes up against a malicious website, I receive a warning notice and the site is blocked. It has caught and blocked Phishing sites, malware sites, and even middle of the night phone home attempts by my streaming boxes (both ONN and Mecool). I’m a fan.

Thanks for the perspective. I have never received any such results. How, may I ask, were you able to get it for such a low amount? They said it was fixed at $99 and for that price I am leaning heavily towards dropping it.

I was just days away from my initial free subscription expiring when I received an email for something like 70 - 80% off.

Actually the discount may have been offered via a nighthawk app notification. My memory for such things suck.