Netflix with surfshark

hello. just switched to surfshark and every day Neflix will not let me run it. I do not want to change servers everyday or temporarily pause surfshark is there a way around this ? Never had a problem with ip vanish . Thanks

I’ve never let Netflix run through VPN on any of our boxes. It’s on bypass

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Yep, agree with @Streaming429 , just bypass it. In the SS software, turn the Bypass on and click Netflix as the app to split tunnel.


Thanks for the info !!


Thanks , didnt know i could do that

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I have SS set up on all of our boxes to run chosen apps through VPN so apps Netflix, Paramount+, Hulu, Disney+ are excluded from list. Good luck and check back to let us know it’s working ok for you

I also have Plex bypassed for my media server, as I don’t see a reason to run that from my network, to an external VPN server two states over and then back to my network lol.

Nteflix added this new thing where if you use a VPN they re service wont work. Havent tried the bypass option yet btw.

Doesn’t surprise me one bit. I’m going to add it later and see what I get just to test it. Lol

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I just added Netflix to run through SS and it played with no issue. Maybe just lucky?

No, not lucky, just right. Netflix through split tunneling, with a Netflix account is the way to go.

I have my SS set to run my certain apps through it like my TV Service. When I added Netflix a bit ago and ran through the VPN it worked just fine

Yup. You don’t need to worry about anyone knowing you are streaming from netflix. So don’t need to run it through the VPN. You may find this odd but I’ve never gone to Netflix except when a site posts a vid. No account, nothing. Same with youtube. :laughing:

I tried the bypass and it is working fine now, Thanks !!


I think most of the paid apps have vpn detection software so have to tunnel. Prime tells you to turn vpn off. As I’m sure the other one’s do.

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