Netflix Password Sharing Crackdown - The End of Password Sharing?

Originally published at: Netflix Password Sharing Crackdown - The End of Account Sharing?

Earlier this week, we saw several social media posts talking about Netflix starting to crack down on password sharing. Password sharing is not an uncommon practice among the millions using Streaming Apps like Netflix. A study from the research firm Magid in 2018 estimated that 35 percent of millennials share passwords for streaming. In a…

This doesn’t seem right, I have Netflix on my phone for when I’m away from home and I have it on my Firestick at home. I would technically need two subscriptions then?

From Netflix perspective, I can see why they would want to do this, but there are so many services that allow this that this seems to be “spitting’ in the wind” for Netflix.

What I don’t understand is if you’re using IPVanish, how would they know? With the rising interest in using a VPN, it would look like everyone is not at “home”, wouldn’t it?