Netflix Officially Ends Password Sharing

No biggie here. And the Wife has lost interest in Netflix. She can’t find anything she hasn’t seen or interests her. I was able to finally get logged into the Max app as we have it through our ATT cell service. She was snooping around and looks like she will give it a try

We at first picky backed off my brother’s account, but he found more “deserving” piggybackers. Truthfully, I always wondered why Netflix let us get away with this in the first place? My wife has no imagination and watches whatever she can find on Netflix. Doesn’t bother with Prime or movie link apps. Come to think of it, she will rarely watch an iptv show, preferring what she finds on the OTA antenna (70 channels).

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Running Netflix behind a Netflix friendly VPN can get around some of the geotracking methods they use for sharing blocks.

You can connect to a country server that doesn’t have password blocks implemented.