Netflix App for Android box

I’m trying to get Netflix on my Z8 formuler and seems its not compatible. Is there a workaround or a filelinked code that has one that works?


I believe the rai Netflix is the one you want. Keep in mind no HD just 480p

i tried the one on troypoint but getting an error.


What error are you getting? If you have the z8 the interface comes with what’s called market place the Netflix app is in there too.

I’m getting a UI-113 error code after installation from troypoint . I had to install a old version of Netflix that works on my box. But I’ll look to see if there’s a marketplace tho.


Not sure what to tell you, I got mine from the rai and it works, only 480p

The old version is all you will be able to use. Non certified Netflix box.

did you mention the rai in a previous post? what site is that?

RAI= Rapid App Installer.
Put that in your downloader app.

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I have that.unless this is a different app from troypoint. And using the Netflix app offered gives me an error code . So I found an older version of it . Like 6.5 something and seems it works. But having issues with my password so haven’t been able to actually stream anything yet but I’ll see .

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