Need to update tutorial for new retroarch version

I’m having trouble downloading the new version and getting ds4 controller to work. Help!! Anyone know how?


Welcome to the community!

What troubles? The ps4 controller to computer? Steam does auto connect and see these controllers.

You may have to configure it.

I’m on the fire tv cube… I have the newest version. The controller syncs to fire tv but I can’t remap and the only buttons that work are the d pad. I’m a newbie at all this, not very tech savvy… although I did manage to change my wifi card, ram stick and hardrive in my laptop (don’t really know how I did but it works).


Ohhhh I misunderstood. I’m not entirely sure I don’t use it for firetv.

I read tho you may need to configure the cfg text file, so try reading up on that, maybe someone els here will know better than I.

Thank you!! Appreciate the help!!

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