Need the best and fastest vpn

i have ip vanish that i am not happy with at all,it slows down every thing, i am looking for some thing that won’t kill my speed and is reliable and is a quality product, can some one please advise me on a good choice …thank you in advance

I have found that Proton VPN is great. Doesn’t slow down your v connection. I would research whether or not it will work with your SIP before committing.

I also had the same problem with that junk VPN so i switched to PIA which is Private Internet Access. I have had this for about 2 years now with no problems. I don’t know why Troy keeps promoting this trash IP Vanish, unless it is cash in his pocket because a lot of people have had the same problem with it.

PIA is the best! It used to be Troy’s choice, until I guess he got a better deal with IPVanish.

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Speaking from the UK perspective IP Vanish is useless for us as it does not unlock UK georestrictions when abroad, which I am. Express VPN works well for me. I had assumed that IPV worked well for the USA etc etc. I hadn’t appreciated that others also are frustrated by the favouring of IPV.

I have ExpressVPN and totally not worth the money or aggravation. I’m looking for something better outside of all the prying governmental eyes. I’m not doing anything F. Up I just don’t like the government knowing my business. If anyone has a WINNER please let me know, thank you in advance.

Express VPN is domiciled in a jurisdiction that is not subject to any surveillance or data sharing treaties. They keep no user logs. I have subscribed to it for almost 2 years and the service is excellent.

Hi Sim,

This is exactly why I got it. I have nothing but problems with it dropping connection. More aggravation than it worth. I need something better. Thanks for your assistance.

do you check the tcp box on pia

No, I just left it the way it loaded, but there are lots of thinks you can do like dual tunneling.

With most vpn services, changing servers/location can correct any connection or download/upload speed problems that cause temporary buffering or freezes.

Thanks, sim for your sage advice.

Express VPN is available in Puerto Vallarta and I have been thinking of giving it a try. I currently have that pos IPVanish installed in Northern California and have always found it to be practically unusable due to buffering. I just figured it was because I wasn’t using Real Debrid. Does anybody have experience with Express and an ISP named Totalplay?

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I have no experience with total play but can attest to the reliability of Express VPN. I utilize 2 servers in the Los Angeles area and their performance has been consistently excellent, with no disconnects or signal strength drop offs.

I would tell you to try NordVPN, I have nothing but problems with ExpressVPN and no one can figure it out on their end. Very frustrating and a pure waste of $$$

Interesting thread. Makes me wonder if the vpn is your real issue. Have used only IP Vanish on Fire TV here in the States for the last 4 years with no problems. Have also used it on my cell all over Europe, New Zealand, Cuba, and Costa Rica with no problems. Sometimes problems with slow internet while travelling, but I know IPV doesn’t slow it down here at home nor most hotels I stay in.

I use privatevpn. Works great!

Here in the UK, Expressvpn is best most of the time but expensive compared to others. Sven Taylor’s site, Restore Privacy is the goto site for advice on all things privacy related including best vpns - also has a big discount for express last time i looked.

He pointed me to VPN.AC which I have used for the past 2 years, based in Romania, reasonably priced and I think, under FAQ, you can get a $2 one week trial to make sure. They have an app for all devices and PC/Mac

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Most neophytes to iptv need to understand there are several conditions that affect how well your VPN will work… 1) your internet/wifi signal strength and download/upload speed, 2) your streaming device hardware specs and android software/codecs, 3) the consistency and quality and download/upload speeds on your vpn. At a minimum, your VPN should have download speeds of 45 - 55 mbs and upload speeds of 15 - 20 mbs to stream in hd. It would be great if there was a simple fix but the reality is there is not.