Need help with Kodi builds

Hello everyone,

I am hoping you all can help me. Many years ago I had bought an already broken stick. Then I realized I could do things on my own through TroyPoint. However I have spent most of today finding Kodi builds and seems almost none of them allow me to play shows. Seems like nowadays I need real debris or trakt to make things work? Back years ago with no limits magic that wasn’t the case.

Now the only build I can seem to work is Aspire and only the Homelander app with trakt. Is there anything I am doing wrong. PS I am looking for something that will help me with British and Australian shows I like

I’m not going to waste time on words here. Bite the bullet and get Real Debrid. A 6 month subscription comes out to like $3/month and I don’t even worry about signing up with my real info.

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Yes, you need a real-debrid. Also please use the search this is a common thing.

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Thanks Draco I promise I tried. I typed real-Debrid and Kodi won’t work real-Debrid and didn’t find anything relevant. I guess I didn’t search the best keywords.

Thanks for confirming real Debrid. Couple years ago it didn’t work that way. Does the free version work or it has to be the one that cost money? How do I get to the generic Kodi that has file manager and add one etc to authenticate real Debrid once I’m in a build?

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Seriously… Just read. This is the most basic of questions and is covered thoroughly on the Troypoint website. Install plain old Kodi from your app store then read. Free streams are very sparse these days because they keep getting taken down. The ones you can find are usually really poor quality and have a lot of buffering.

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Thanks JayHawk. Didn’t mean to piss anyone off. I just thought I was doing something wrong since only about two years ago you didn’t need all these accounts or anything. Thanks for helping me even though it annoyed you.

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Nobody is mad or frustrated at you. This is a question we get daily because, as you mentioned, the free sources/links, free content, etc etc etc used to be pretty good and much more readily available. The people that hate the cord cutting world, are the same people shutting these low hanging fruit sources and apps down to try and force us to buy cable. The reason we recommend purchasing Real Debrid and premium IPTV, is because at the moment they are dependable. In the next couple years ACE may shut down ALL of the free content that was ever available…so free Kodi, free IPTV, etc may not even exist. On a positive note, buying these premium sources isn’t very expensive, and at the moment gives you a terrific experience. I am hopeful the people profiting off the premium side of cord cutting will continue to fight well into the future to keep this all available to us.


Not mad, just didn’t want to expend a lot of energy on a response when free sources are pretty much a waste of time now. And there are tutorials for the crew and RD. Good luck with it.

Thanks everyone. I went ahead and signed up for Real Debrid and downloaded The Crew. I added a bunch of favorites but can’t seem to find “my favorites” in the Crew add on. I feel I have looked everywhere. Could someone let me know where it is

Above purple on homepage

Well if you have problem with Kodi there are plenty of nice apps that play TV shows and movies without RD. If you are interested in trying out the apps you can PM me and I’ll send you the APK so you can test them out one particular one off the top of my head is HDO Box

There are two ways of doing it. If you add to favorites like you did they will show up in the favorites section like shown above. But you can also sign up for a free Trakt account and authorize that with the crew just like you did with real debrid. When in the crew you go to movies or shows, my movies or my shows, collection. The good thing about Trakt is you will never lose your favorites. You can just login with Trakt on any new device and it will all be right there. Plus you can go to the Trakt website and lookup something and add it to your collection to watch later. Say someone tells you about a great movie and you don’t want to forget about it. It will be right there in the crew when you open it.


Thanks JayHawk. Yes I also signed up for Trakt. I didn’t know I could go on the site and find other shows and add them that way it was great.

Here is another question, my real-Debrid file that I’m trying to play for a show has stopped on me twice it also asked me something about keeping real-Debrid in the background I had said yes.

It bothers me that it doesn’t even come back where I left off. Before I bought the real-Debrid it times it would suddenly close but it would ask me if I wanted to continue watching where I left off. Is there something I’m doing wrong?

It’s complicated. I think it can depend on the build, addon, or skin you are using. I got it to work once but forgot what I did. I did a fresh install of Kodi and lost it. You might want to try the playback resumer addon from the official Kodi repository. Or check your Trakt bookmark settings. When I have the time to play around again with it I’ll let you know what I come up with.

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