Need Help, Troy or Anyone Else-Buffering/Hanging

So, help me out here. I have gigabit internet, and at my ATV box (currently hooked up is Beelink GT-KING PRO, but I also tried a recently acquired Shield TV Pro 2015. I get over 700Mbps at the box. I have a $400+ tri-band wi-fi 6 router, and 3 extenders throughout my house/property. All of my connections, including the modem, router, extenders, and switch are rated for over 1Gb. Because I am Capt. Overkill, all my wiring is Cat-8. All the devices in the house that matter, are wired, leaving only cell phones and tablets to connect wireless, and the tablets are only, while in use/powdered on.

Why is it, that despite having subscriptions to real-debrid, premiumize, all debrid, and Orion panel, that within Syncler and formerly TV Zion, that despite using MX Player PRO (paid), that I can only go as high as 720P without buffering or straight up stopping/pausing? I only, 100% use debrid links also. 720P will not ever hang up, but if I go to 1080P, it will start pausing within the first few minutes of the show or movie. I have a 4Gb, virtual RAM in addition to what any box has hardware based (learned that trick a long time ago).

So help me out here. How can I have the best of the best equipment, do everything right, and not have fluid playback? I guess it’s a good thing that I haven’t delved into the 4K world, because obviously or most likely, that would be worse.

My best guess would be the links you’re connecting to have so much traffic…it’s limiting your ability to draw in enough data. if you are on Troy’s email list you have received the latest where he talks about Time-Tested Technology = 100% Buffer-Free Playback. good luck :slight_smile:

Hello @olsaaronc If you’re getting those speeds there should be no buffering. Have you recently tried rebooting routers, cable modem, and streaming devices? I suggest unplugging everything from power for 15 minutes then plug back in. Whenever I have problems such as this, this is what I do and it usually fixes it.

I do this on a weekly basis.

Also, do you have any other traffic on your router? I notice when my kids are playing their video games at the same time and I’m trying to stream I sometimes have problems. I’m personally thinking about getting a separate router just for their gaming.

At the time I stream, I am the only one that is awake, so the other connections are minimal. Of the 3 bands on my router, the 5G2 SSID is passworded, and only my personal cell and tablet are on it, :wink:. I have everything wired, and in both my router and managed switch, I have QOS settings to make media playing/streaming the highest priority. I use 4 paid link services, as mentioned, RD, AD, premiumize, and Orion. All equipment and cabling is new(er), and all Cat8. All my hdmi is POE capable as well. I am able, with a program, to do speed tests, port by port, and I know that even on ipvanish, I still get like 780 down/42 up in speeds. I have AC Infinity fans on the modem, router, switch, and either media player. I like the Plex Server idea, but it won’t help me for what I do, as I don’t download and save anything. I don’t know if Spectrum has anti-streaming infrastructure or what the deal is, but both the Beelink GT-KING Pro and, especially the Shield Pro, are powerful enough boxes to handle it. I do weekly chain reboots, but I have never unplugged the network for a given period. I can try that, but it seems odd that I have this trouble. I have even put heatsinks and premium thermal compound on all chips that are of importance. I even had all the lines outside of the house replaced. It seems if there’s a week link, it has to be Spectrum, but really I feel more confident in them, than the other option, being AT&T Fiber. There are only 2 players in town. You’d think with Milwaukee being a larger municipality, that we’d have better things going for us.

@olsaaronc yes, you have a great setup and shouldn’t have any of these problems. I’m wondering if your ISP is screwing with you.

Kind of my thoughts, Troy, but no real way of knowing, and I’m sure no recourse, given the anti-streaming sentiment, outside of course, of their own app, or premium channel provider apps. I haven’t heard good things about AT&T Fiber, and apparently it’s not true fiber. It’s DSL line to the house, and the only connection that is fiber, is to their modem. I wish the whole Goggle Fiber project didn’t tank, because at least they’d be open source, and not be one-sided.

I’m having the same problem with Century Link DSL… buffering so bad I can’t stream much. Even using IPVanish making me anonymous doesn’t help. I’ve tried RD and no improvement. I’ve gotten so frustrated trying to watch a show, I’ve almost stopped streaming.
If there is anyone out there with a work around when on DSL to these streaming buffering problems, please weigh in.
Paid subscriptions like Netflix, Prime and non-streaming use super fast (60) with zero buffering.
Any help out there?

Sounds like you are being throttled.

Or something is taking up all your bandwidth. Sometimes when streaming or using heavy internet usage your bandwidth does allocate and prioritize bandwidth allocation depending on what setup as priority.

Now if you don’t have that setup and you are still experiencing this, get a VPN, put all your iptv streaming service through that VPN and test different countries.

If you see a increase in speed and no buffering you are being throttled by your isp.

Check bandwidth allocation first.