Need help advice - Kodi


So I apologise in advance if I break a rule, this is all new to me.

I have been using Kodi for years, been great until recently. I got surfshark VPN too, which is great.

So I can mostly stream films, but some reason can’t with TV series. So what is my next step.

I like to watch new stuff out.

I have briefly read about RD, but not sure about the bitcoin part. I had a look at stremio, and then deleted it as I couldn’t find new stuff lol.

Any suggestions would be grateful. I will try different things until happy with my set up.

By way I’m using firestick.

Thank you in advance, and sorry if I don’t get the lingo yet :see_no_evil:

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Stremio always has new stuff. You just need to install the movie and series addons.

Regardless on how it’s paid for Real Debrid (or AllDebrid) is practically required as of now.

Ok, is the a link for instructions please. Or link for everything I need to know about stremio please.

Stop me nagging lol

Ok, I will perhaps read more into it


I’ve been using RD with KODI for years. I always buy a 6 month subscription and pay with a personal credit card.



There are the payment options.
If you want to use Bitcoin, learn to do that.
After you’ve subscribed for RD, visit Troypoint and there’s guides for incorporating RD into a bunch of addons and builds. (I prefer just having 2 or 3 addons vs a build.)

It’s pretty much the same process for every addon; it’s just a bit of a ‘snipe hunt’ to find the link within an addon to go through authorization.


Scrubsv2 is working for free streams on TV shows and movies.

Get an iptv provider and install Tivimate. Get all the tv you want.


Thanks all, finally got around to looking at Stremio. Successfully got torrentio working on it. I understand now how it works :grin:

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