NBC News Article - Do We Still Need VPN’s?

Thoughts anyone?

When Big Media says you need no security it actually means security is of up-most importance.


VPN’s are now less about online security or safeguarding a device, more about personal privacy. Especially those wishing to avoid their ISP providers being all over your internet activity.


Apparently NBC, along with other media corporations, now want to lull the public into erroneously thinking having a vpn is no longer needed due to advances in “incryption”. Anyone who values their privacy knows better than to trust these media and tech conglomerates to keep your streaming and internet searches private. Don’t fall for it!


I couldn’t agree more with everyone. Now that NBC has said this everyone will think that it’s OK to stream without one! I think this is a setup between big media and others to get everyone to drop their VPNs so they can keep a closer eye on where everyone is going. Don’t fall for it!


When they say no, I say yes! Not so concerned about security as I am about THEIR prying eyes!


I say only on public networks. Actually I do use a VPN or a socks 5 proxy to be exact for torrents but with RD, Premiumize on their private tunnel I just don’t worry. Got a letter about 12 years ago on downloading and now just smart about it all and feel confident.

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Never listen to media…

I’m not going to say to much as it will get political, but big telecomes are funded by rich elite and government entities. They always want to control your internet so they can show you only what they want you to see and believe. It will always be a battle.

Use a vpn it’s not illegal. Big tech will always tell you they don’t recommend it that’s just word play and don’t mean a dam thing.

I won’t say to much more, but use a vpn when you can even for web browsing. Always have that socket between your devises and the modem.

Didn’t mean to get into it to much into it. But on topic, don’t listen to any major news article on this it’s false.


It’s not like we haven’t been warned about this type of news for years! Maybe NBC will get banned from Twitter now? LOL… :money_mouth_face:

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Comcast owns and operates **the Xfinity residential cable communications subsidiary, Comcast Business, a commercial services provider, Xfinity Mobile, an MVNO of Verizon, over-the-air national broadcast network channels (NBC, Telemundo, TeleXitos, and Cozi TV), multiple cable-only channels (including MSNBC, CNBC, USA …"

Always follow the MoNeY!

Comcast - Wikipedia


I do nothing online anymore without a VPN