My implayer has no epg lists

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Ummm I told a lie. I did get my implayer working, but when I set it up on my 4k max, after it installed all the channels and stuff, I noticed it said " no epg sources or files installed." I had already noticed that my set up on my Nshield did not have any thing next to the channels saying what is on or coming on. Is there any hope for me ?

Sorry, i closed thought it was fixed. My apologies.

What playlist are you missing the EPG on? EPG sources can be added seperately and sometimes an m3u will not have an associated epg until you load one. In my TiViMate I have 27 EPGs loaded on every playlist. That usually gets me about 80% of the channels with a program guide. That’s on the “free” lists. Paid services will have their own guide. When getting “free” sources try and get an m3u8 as they have an epg embedded already.

Ok. I will have to find some free M3U epg’s. Plus, on the implayer, you have to have your own epg source. And I can’t get back into the initial set up where you type in the epg url. I would have to uninstall the app and install it all over again.

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Mr. Miki and Mr. Dracoo: I finally caught a break. I found some info: telling me how to create a M3U EPG. But that is going to take some getting used to. But I remembered today that I have a Perfect Player app that I am not using. Bingo. It dawned on me that perfect player uses a play list and a epg. I have 3 of each in the app. All 3 epg’s work in my implayer. I haven’t seen the results yet but I am hoping for the best.

Nice going JesseB. I’ve created m3u8 lists using “Cat” but always found a precompiled list more reliable and the EPG better maintained. Keep us updated on your progress ease, we’re following your adventure and details can help others.

That’s what I was looking for in the 1st place. I remember sometimes back when there used to be a lot of posts with nothing but M3U lists that worked. Mine seems to be working ok. I have a lot of 24/7 channels that don’t show epg info. But the regular channels are showing up well.

There are lots of working lists like Samsung+, Pluto, Plex and Stirr to name a few. if you search on here for m3u you’ll find lots of working playlists. I have a number of sites and if you want me to send a few to you just PM me.

Hey JesseB I sent you some good resource links. Enjoy.

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