MX Pro Player Issues

So i got it to download from the RAI. It shows up in my apps but when I try to change the player in my APKs it still shows the regular version, not Pro. Still not getting any audio out of Filmplus or CinemaHD

Go into your mx pro settings/ decoder and check that you have yours the same as the attached image…

If that doesn’t work, uninstall the basic version, restart your device and see if that helped. If not, you can always re install the basic version again.

Or, you could uninstall the RAI mx pro version and try again.

Finally, what apk is not working with mx pro player? Perhaps you need to go into the settings of your apks to ensure that mx player pro is enabled as opposed to the built in apk player.


I’ll check all the decoders and change. Pro doesn’t show up as a choice and I did delete the basic version and installed Pro. Strange. Thanks

I went and added VLC and it works just fine now. Not sure why MX Pro didn’t but at least this works. Thanks

Corrupt install or missing codec but if VLC works it’s a good player. Enjoy

Just player is also a top player.

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I have JustPlayer downloaded. How do you make it an option in CinemaHD or Filmplus. It doesn’t show up at all. Thanks

@Remy . Go into your Cinema settings and under " general" and then " choose default player" click on “just player” and that will be your default player…

Do the same in Film plus apk in your Settings tab.

You actually raised this in your other posted topic" no sound apks" .

The problem is only 4 show up and JustPlayer isn’t one of them. I know if it did easy, pleasy but it don’t

@Remy …Have you tried playing a movie/tv show and selected " play with"? Does just player show up in the list?

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Never thought about that. I’ll try and see if that makes a difference. Thanks

@Remy …Hope it works. If it does, then close down cinema, open it again, go into settings, general and see if it is now in the list to change to default player.

It works! The complete list of players show up when I click play with or open with. Thanks

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@Remy …Brilliant!..glad to have been of help. Enjoy.