MX player pro on Android version 11

I have been unable to download subtitles . I am logged into open subtitles. I’m using an Android box with version 11. I have been using MX player for years I now have MX player pro. I get the following message:

Can’t save files on your subtitle folder . please check write permission of / storage/emulated/0/subtitles

How do find where to give write permission?

From what I can figure out it might have something to do with version 11.
I don’t know what to do next. I like MX player but I also like to have subtitles.

Make sure you have the latest codec applied to your MX player.

This link gives you all the instructions you need.

Also check mx player permissions.

Right click on mx player pro>info> permissions.

Finally in settings > subtitle, make sure you have checked the “language” you wish to see.

Good luck

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Hi I’m having a bit of a problem with my MX Player when I use it with my R&D it freezes so I go to my my MX app and it shows 2 to 400 MB in my cash why does that happen help thank you

Hi if you do not hear any sound while you are playing a torrent click up to the three dots in the corner and go to tools or settings then tools you will see decoder click decoder you’ll see two HW plus boxes click both and you will get sound if not fast forward it once one click and it should play

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@djank So, you seem to have read my reply. Did it work. And an acknowledgement from you would have been courteous.


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