MX Player codec for fire tv 4k max problem

I cannot for the life of me figure out which MX player codec to use for AC3 audio on the fire tv stick 4k max. I tried armv7 neon regular and 64 bit because it was what worked before, but not now. So I downloaded AIO (all-in-one) and that failed too. It says “can’t find codec. Please use version null ARMv7 neon”. The word null is making me think it might just be that it won’t work there, but maybe I’m wrong. Does anyone have any ideas? I’m a pretty advanced user, but this I just can’t figure out. Any help appreciated!!


I just did this. I’m using mxplayer and installed codecs.

You will need ether the first zip or the aio zip. Or you can try them all. But you will need 1.35. Also in your mx player settings change your decoding setting to hw+

(When playing a video top right you will see ether hw hw+ or sw click that change to hw+ or you will get visual lag.)

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It is 1.35 and I am using HW+. Are you successfully doing this with the fire tv stick 4k max? The one just released on October 6 or 7? I’m just wondering, because both things you suggest I’m already doing. It’s very hard to believe this, but none of them work. I tried every single one of them individually and in the zip.

By the way I’m using MX Player Pro v1.36.11 (ARMv7 NEON). May I ask your MX Player version? I got it from

Always been more of a VLC fan.



That’s why, you need the codeco version for your mx player.

My suggestion would be to uninstall mx and reinstall from play store then you will need the latest aio zip.

And vlc will resolve all of this if you use it. Download that as a backup.

I’m using mine on both my boxes. Not fire stick.

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@Jayhawks659 @TP-Dracoo

Ok. Thank you both. I love VLC, and it will work fine for me. It’s just my son has autism and can be very, very picky. He loves MX. He will freak out, even if I show him the other and how it works just fine. I was hoping to avoid the whole conversation again. I’ll try to manually look for the non-pro version and use AIO. By the way, can you use Google Play with FireTV? I would love to, but I’ve always heard you cannot. Maybe someone should let Troy know about this all however, since his /mx forwarder directs to the pro version. Again, thanks for your help and time.

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This may help. I’ve never used it, so not sure.

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@Jayhawks659 I’ve used it. It’s nice. But beware, at times it will list 2-5 different versions of the same thing and if not careful, I’ve broken things :laughing:

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Actually, wait! I went to try and download it again from Troy’s forwarder, and for some reason, only then did I realize the version he’s forwarding to doesn’t even need the codecs!! The only way I know is because I caught the file name and it had AAC NEON etc etc in the file name. If anyone else asks, tell them not to even bother with the manual install of codecs. It won’t work because they’re already there, not because it requires a new version or anything else. :joy: I feel silly. I never even looked at the file name. :man_facepalming:t2: I’m just so used to doing this step that I never considered that it wouldn’t be necessary.

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