Mute icon on Kodi home page

Can anyone tell me how to get rid of the mute icon (red speaker with slash through it) on the kodi home page. It is up in the left corner of the screen. As a result none of the add ons have volume. Thank you!

What device is this on please? I did find one vid that said if you have a wireless keyboard attached to your device hit the f8 key and that unmutes it. Others have said hit the + five or six times on a connected keyboard. One last one was to go into the Android sound settings and look for digital and make sure it is set to HDMI.

Hey Miki - this is on a Firestick. I also searched and found the same response regarding f8 on the keyboard but there is no keyboard on the firestick. One of the other options stated was to of course uninstall then reinstall. Wanted to avoid that because all of the favorites will be history. I also stated it was in the left hand corner - actually it is the top right corner near the green dot.

You can connect a cordless keyboard using an OTG cable and the keyboard dongle. I’ll keep researching. I see lots of ppl who have this problem.

Sorry Mike, you are a bit more advanced than me… OTG cable? Dongle? I see a reinstall in my future.

You have been a great help as usual. I suspect I will just reinstall since I would not have much use for the keyboard after doing the f8 recommendation. Thanks again for your help and for sharing your knowledge.

Trust me a cheap under $20 keyboard like this is a great tool on the Firestick. I use mine daily, but then I’m installing and testing apps daily and configure countless firesticks. It’s a must have tool imho. Good luck.

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