Multiple locations on router

Hey guys, im not sure exactly what to search for for my question. Ive tried google and youtube but cant find the right info… i have a tp link Archer AX55… i set up the wireguard connection with surfshark for buffalo because that seems like a decent location for me, but I’m wondering how i can set another location on the same router for other devices i have… i like to play poker but its not legal in new york yet but it is in florida, so is it possible to have on ssid for buffalo and a different ssid for miami? I’m still new to setting a vpn up on a router, if anyone could help i would greatly appreciate it.

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Thats going to be dependant on your routers vpn client settings. Look there in the web interface or check with tplink if multi connections are possible with your router.

Maybe this will help. A bit of a learning curve but worth the read.

I was just looking at the AX55. Your thoughts? Easy to set up your VPN on? I need something to replace my Nighthawk R7000 with. Our new Fiber uses TP Link devices, so I was thinking staying the same although our Orbi RBK10 is running fantastic off of it. Not sure if I need to worry about WiFi 6 even though our Fiber is. Orbi’s are 5 and running smooth

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I’d stick with the orbi’s unless speed is what you need :joy:…pretty good devices…I hear. I love my asus ax86 mainly because of the vpn setup. I have 10 locations 5 opvn and 5 wireguard…all up to sumthin :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It’s pretty good. I have a small home and it works great. I set up surfsharks wireguard last night and it was super easy except for like i said about not being able to figure out multiple locations

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They are working great. Looking to put a VPN on a router

I have to ask. If your router is going through, in this case Buffalo, will it actually appear as a Buffalo address at the other end? I thought the purpose of a VPN was to hide your address?

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I live in pa but im a bills fan and during football season Buffalo didnt have much buffering so i started using it the most. I did a lot of switching over this past year, started with Ashburn then Charlotte and both of those began buffering a lot so i kinds stuck with buffalo