Multiple IPTV Services with Tivimate

I would like to add another IPTV service to Tivimate. I have found a couple of older posts that are now closed. None answered all of my quesions. Is there a guide or article available that covers the basics in detail?

Also, I don’t fully understand epgs.


TiviMate Settings - Google Docs

Here u go:
Just add another playlist which it would be an IP TV provider just like you did the first one just name it differently so you know the difference.

Thank you. I’ve seen advice about needing to upgrade to premium as well as some other things. So no need to do anything special other than add the other services?

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Yes just add the playlist to TV mate, you can name them so you know the difference between the playlist. You have to go to settings playlist and you have to engage each playlist is separately or all together. From there you can set up your separate channel groups.

You can only add one service with free Tivimate. You will need to upgrade to premium to use the multiple playlist feature.


If this is the free version then you’re limited to one playlist and can’t do much. I spent the $35 for a lifetime premium sub to open all the diverse options. Only way to go IMHO.
Oops I didn’t see @AMD237 s post. :confounded:

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