Multi-Source w/Tivimate Recording

I’m newish to the IPTV scene and I’m getting ready to setup recording on my Firestick 4K Max using my trial IP service and Tivimate. I use an HD antenna to get my local channels so I’m not always on the Firestick.

My question is: If I’ve setup a recording and I’m watching my antenna when it’s supposed to kickoff, will it still record or do I actually need to be on the Firestick? I suspect it will but as I said…newish.

Any feedback would be appreciated

it will still record if everthing is setup and working correct. I do it all the time. I actually watch more OTA than internet tv.


Welcome spirit…

Just backing up what Ron said… records fine even when sleeping

Just don’t force close the Tivimate app. Let it run in the background and you should be fine.


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