MPA Asks the EU to Crackdown on Piracy – IPTV & Pirate Sites Listed

The MPA, Netflix, and other Hollywood studios are asking the European Commission to crack down harder on IPTV and pirate sites.

In this article, you will find a list of IPTV services and pirate websites that are highlighted in the MPA’s submission document to the European Commission.


All they can do is ask, different country, id tell them to mind their own country.

Many providers in Europe started to crackdown on Piracy IPTV and Pirate Wesites. Especially in those countries, the UK, The Netherlands, and Germany :disappointed::disappointed::disappointed:

I think most of the streaming sites listed there are already blocked through the major ISP in the UK.
A lot of dodgy content and shady garbage online that they should be getting rid of before concentrating on IPTV providers :roll_eyes: