Moving apks from firestick to thumb drive

Can someone tell me how to move apks that I have on my 4K Max firestick to my thumb drive to free up storeage room on my stick? Thanks in advance

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Any 3rd party apps that can be moved will have to have the ability to move them coded in by the developer of that app Amazon apps can’t be moved. In your manage apps, any that can be moved will have the option listed “move to external-------” Now this will move the apps data to the usb drive but your user data for that app will still be stored on the stick. My suggestion is to only keep your most vital apps like your VPN, IPTV player, and movies/series app on the stick and absolutely delete any app you do not use on a regular basis.

good advice keep more space free :+1:

I’ve had the original firebox that still works that had an SD card slot that came with a 32 GB card barely any of the app goes over to the card I did the same with the firestick 4K Max to me it’s a waste of time unless you’re adding shows to the SD card or flash drive to watch on your device not all apps can be transferred I thought adding the flash drive years later after the fire box would be different with the max and it is not maybe I get a gigabyte if lucky to transfer over to the flash drive 32 GB what a waste. I spent 20 bucks on the Walmart ONN box and got it for free from Walmart my mistake didn’t know it had HDR and told them and they gave it to me for free but I believe it does not have Dolby Atmos or Dolby vision so I use that for Kodi but my recommendation is just to have multiple devices for different things just give in my opinion on the add-on of more storage Hope I’ve helped.

I’ve moved many apps that weren’t listed as being able to move to sd with the app X-plore. It’s a simple process. The only issue is it will not transfer data info so you will have to set up your favourites and any settings you modified on the original app. There are a couple smart tube videos showing this procedure. Basically locating app to move and then selecting downloader folder to move to. Takes a couple seconds to move each app. Watch the video as it lists what not to move.

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Adding to this, If I remember correctly if you have the usb stick attached then any new app you sideload etc will by default to to the stick.

Hey @Wizzard unfortunately that isn’t true. In a perfect world it would be but unless the Developer of the app adds the necessary extra lines of code it will not move, although dakeeper mentioned a technique using x-plore to move any third party app over. Might be an idea if he could put together a post giving a step by step tutorial. I’ve never tried that yet as I’m busy moving and waiting for my new TV/Soundbar. Supposedly coming Friday.
Have fun and STREAM ON!!!

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This is a video you can use to move those files to usb.

I don’t use youtube because of ads i use smartube because it cuts ads. It does need a little setup as i don’t like scrolling titles but it’s a great app.

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