Movies Won't Stream Correctly

Cinema has been having a problem that title of movie does not match the movie that comes up

I had the same thing happpen with Kodi as well even with real debrid

Hello @fjfitz I strongly suggest using Real-Debrid if using any of these free apps. No problems like this with RD. What is Real-Debrid and How To Setup on Kodi & Streaming Apps (2021)


I tried with RD and had some similar issues. I will have to reauthenticate again and see if that helps

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It appears this problem is showing up with some new movies in the theaters

I agree no issues with realdebrid

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When this happens just try another stream/link. None of the apks are perfect. I agree that Real Debrid is worth the money and offers really good links.

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Yeah I agree with previous poster, I think it’s mainly with newer movies that have not been leaked or released on dvd yet. I found this with the film ‘Old’ but kept checking back and eventually the correct movie worked.

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Same here,but tried few different links
and found it.

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I’ve been using stremio on the firestick and works great so far.

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Hi, I’ve had the same problem also but trying a different seems to work

What is stremio and how do you get it?

It’s in the troypoint app in the rapid apks and so far it works great. My internet speed isn’t that great, so I’ve been selecting lower quality and there is no buffering.

Oooo. No disrespect Troy but I’m afraid you’re mistaken. I reinstalled the latest Cinema HD yesterday as I wanted to see if everyone was having issues of their own making. I reactivated my RD account, and even on older movies the RD links did not show the movie they were displayed on. I checked 6 movies and had the same issue in each of them. Clicked 4 RD links and every one played a different movie. Quite amusing really as I did find a couple of movies I hadn’t seen. BTW I deleted Cinema HD again. This did not happen in my Stremio.


Yeah, Cinema has gone downhill. I only use Syncler now. Haven’t touched Cinema in a long time.


Hello mminic01…I agree with your comment. Also it happens seldom and I have noticed it appears to be with newer movies or a similar movie title. Not a big enough problem to post about. Don’t you think.

I tried setting up real debrid but their instructions were not easy to follow so I had cancelled, also their pricing is sketchy so I would probably have to talk with someone to walk me thru process

This is an updated tutorial that goes through everything also provides a video.

Movies that are still in theater and have not hit DVD yet are not going to play very well no matter what you do. Just be patient and wait till they’re out of the theater. As far as using Rd with stremio it also makes it more stable when you fast forward stop or reverse.

I’ve also had it gets Play on a show when I was picking another show. The one that played I played before so I’ve had to go into the settings on the app in the fire stick settings and four stop the app and then reopen it again and it was fine. Hope I’ve helped