Move Favorites between apps

Hello - is there a way to move your favorites from one app to another so you don’t have to start all over in a new app?

Much thanks

Not really, unless you use trakt, if one app uses it and so does another you can have it transferred the way.

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What apps are you referring to…movie/tv series apps? I have backed up my watchlist in TeaTV & sent it over to my other device via (Send Files to TV or Send Anywhere) & then done a restore from the file I sent it to…also did it with favorites in Film+…but the restore couldn’t find it & I had to move the backup file around in my file mngr…& that was a pain. Then, I finally took @Miki 's advice & set up Stremio (easily) on my computer & voila…because it’s on the cloud, every other device where I set up Stremio was identical to my computer setup…& the torrent links have been working flawlessly so far. :cowboy_hat_face:

Or…like Dracoo stated…Trakt is actually designed for multiple apps & can be activated in most of the popular app Settings. But I’d go with Stremio…it’s :+1:

Hello - like movie my favorites from
Cinema to another app. I’m new to this and I don’t know how to move files like this.

Any help would be appreciated m

Much thanks

I’m using a firestick btw

You need to use trakt to do this.

No…you can’t move favorites from one app to a different app…my method is for the same app on different devices. For what you want to do, as Dracoo said, you need Trakt.

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