Move apks to home screen (update)

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I found if you open an apk.
It will then show up as one of the ten icons on the “Your Apps & Channels”.
You can then right select, click move and then place it in the top most row of six icons and it will then be shown on your home screen.

Any app located in “My Apps” ( second icon from the right on the top row of your home screen) you highlight with your cursor and then click the hamburger on your remote and a selection screen on the right appears, click on “move” and you can move it anywhere you choose in this window by clicking the “direction” ring and once it’s where you want it to be you click the big “enter” button and it will be dropped. The top row of "Your Apps & Channels " is the home screen row. This is for my 4K Max.

My Firestick only shows 18 apks on the “My Apps”.
6 on the top row
12 below it
I have more apps on external memory.
Which show when you click “App LIbrary”.
But the move option is not available then.
Also something new with update
I have to click “App Library” then click return and then click “App Library” for it to populate.
Firestick 4K

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That must be the older 4K. My Max shows icons on both the stick and the external USB storage. Yes it shows the top row of 6 and the 3 rows of 6, of course I have more than that with external memory, so I click App Library then “Installed on this TV” to see any remaining apps. Those remaining apps aren’t ones I regularly use. So I guess you want “every” app to show in the My Apps page, and you’re absolutely right it would be nice. I go straight to settings>applications>manage installed applications, and then every app I installed is there. You can of course choose to move any app from external to internal and then that apps icon would be there for you to move.

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