Mousse toggle and SD Maid Harmful?

I like to keep my Firestorm 4k clean as I can. I just used the DefSquid tool to reduce clutter, etc . For the first time I used the virus scan tool and it showed up that mouse toggle and SD Maid were harmful. Should I remove… I use the SD Maid in a similar fashion and find it effective in keeping my hardware running smoothly… Comments?.. thoughts! Thank you in advance

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To be honest, removing defsquid is your best bet. Its a junk program with no 3rd party reviews. Use at your own risk.


Defsquid is well known for it’s false positives. Any modified APK triggers their warning. If you are concerned use another virus scanner to check the installed app.


Thanks I had noticed that too. I’ll remove defsquid.

Could you recommend any suitable virus /cleaner checker besides SD MAID?

Thank you in advance.

I use VirusTotal And Malwarebytes personally. And I use SD Maid to clean out some junk.


Thank you Miki, for your swift response- much appreciated.
I do use virus checker.
It always shows that there are threats etc
Even if an official App has been used now and then.
Today it’s showing mouse toggle

BEFORE I was able to click on the user app and it gave me more info which virus it was Trojan etc
Now it doesn’t ?

Are you using a modded app? Like ad free? If so that is usually why you will get the false positive.

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Thanks all, I’ll get rid of Squid and try Malwarebytes


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