Mouse Toggle Does Not Appear to Work with DuckDuckGo Browser on 3rd Generation Firestick

Greetings to all,

I have a 3rd generation Firestick. In looking for an alternative browser to use in place of Silk (since Firefox is no longer supported on Firestick), I thought I’d try DuckDuckGo’s Browser for Android. I sideloaded it, and the installation went off without a hitch. However, I observed that Mouse Toggle, which works elsewhere with no issues that I have noticed, simply does not appear to work at all with DuckDuckGo’s browser app.

I am a relative neophyte when it comes to Android, and even greener when it comes to matters pertaining to Firestick (so many, MANY thanks Troy, et al. for all you do here!). I DID peruse all the posts relating to Firestick, Mouse Toggle and the DuckDuckGo browser before deciding to create this new topic, however if I missed something pertinent, please forgive me.

I would like to ask other members of the community if they have any suggestions for me that would allow me to use the DDG browser rather than Silk. I don’t have anything against Silk, per se (other than not having any previous experience with the software AND the fact that it appears to be the only browser which works reliably with Fire O/S (not a coincidence, I suspect!)).

I am eager to hear what other folk have to say on this topic. I will try to respond to any posts as quickly as I am able.

My very best to one and all!


To stop this sort of problem I attached an otg cable and got a mini keyboard with a dongle and plugged it into the cable. No more issues IMHO mouse toggle sucks.


Hiya Miki!

Thank you for replying to my post.

Thinking about it, your approach to solving this problem makes darn good sense. I’ll need to scrounge around, but I think I have all the necessary hardware to accomplish the same thing, save for the OTG cable. For that, a trip to the online aisles of Amazon will be needed, since I’ll need an OTG cable with two extra ports - one for the Bluetooth/Wi-Fi dongle (depends on what’s to hand) and one for the 3.0 thumb drive I already have. I’m tap for the rest of the month, but I’ll see what costs are and find out if I can rob Peter to pay Paul from October’s budget! :wink: :upside_down_face:

I find it a bit frustrating that no developer (that I know of) has made a sustained effort to create a mouse substitute for Firestick (or any other similar device), but that’s my bear to cross!
Bear to Cross - 37x50

BTW, Miki - and not related to my post (directly), how have you dealt with the extreme space limitations with Firestick? Seems that I’m frequently stopping whatever I’m doing with Firestick to clear Silk’s cache, or restart Firestick, or just outright cold boot the stick! I wonder what would happen if I judiciously started deleting some of the ‘built-in’ apps that I don’t use and never plan to. You think doing that would brick da stick?


Good morning. I’m still a newbie. Are you running everything off the stick with no added memory? If you have apps you have no plan to use, by all means delete them. Add a memory stick. Troy has a great “how to” for adding memory to the stick. I think you can set it up all the new downloads can go straight to the added memory and you can transfer apps from the firestick to the added memory.
I am assuming you have the stick on a tv(?) There are quite a few that talk about using a browser and I wonder why you would use it on a tv. I always have a tablet close by for doing those things.
Have a good one.

If you need more additional ports then I use a powered otg hub, Smays X001UTADAN, with my keyboard dongle and a 16GB Sandisk USB Drive attached. I move all my maintenance apps and rarely used stuff like scanners, fast task killer and background apps and processes list to the usb drive. I’m a minimalist. So I have TiViMate, Stremio, monitor dot, and my VPN on the stick. Backup apps like Sportsfire and OnStream on the Drive. I also put Malwarebytes on the drive as the small slow down in scanning is minute and only slows the process slightly. The hub also has ethernet.

Some 3rd party apps are not coded for moving to external drives but there are those who have successfully moved them using ES File Explorer. A search on the site will find the instructions. Don’t forget you can’t record and have apps on an external drive at the same time. As far as using Silk for watching TV it’s a rather simple way of having single individual sites bookmarked for easy access. Silk is optimized for the FireTV OS.

Miki is the keyboard tongle blue tooth? I am assuming yes or you would have to be right next to the Firestick to use it.

With the dongle attached to my hub or even the USB port on my Shield Pro It works from 15 feet away for me.

Thanks Miki. I’ll get a couple of these myself.

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Greetings, DCT213, and thank you for offering your advice! In many ways, I suspect we are all newbies with respect to the many and varied aspects of operating a Firestick. Nonetheless, I value your insights as they help me to reduce my ignorance.

I am not running everything off of my Firestick. By the Gods! I’d have next to no room left, and I’m sure that would seriously impair its performance. I have a San Disk 128GB USB 3.0 attached to a generic powered OTG cable (I attached a combination multiple 120 VAC/multiple 5 VDC outlet to the wall directly next to my TV’s support arm). The set-up works quite nicely for me.

I am using the X-Plore file manager I downloaded from Amazon Apps store rather than ES File Explorer, although I am familiar with it as a file management app too. Presently, I have Aptoide TV, Audible, Plex, and X-Plore installed on the USB drive, and they all are functioning quite nicely. Mostly what I would like to accomplish (if I am able) is to remove some of the software Amazon saw fit to include with the Firestick - not really ‘bloatware’, at least from Amazon’s perspective. By the same token, bitter experience has taught me to make haste SLOWLY when it comes to tinkering with things I don’t have a full working knowledge of!

Regrettably, I do not own a tablet, although I do have a laptop which I use primarily when I work on my van. At the same time, I have a Samsung Galaxy A 13 smartphone with a 512 GB San Disk micro SD card, which I can use if I am in bed and choose not to get up and sit in front of my desktop system. The main drawback with my smartphone is the size of its screen (and the fact that my near vision isn’t so great any longer). THAT is why I am grateful that Amazon chose to include a browser app, since Roku, nor Vizio have seen fit to do so! Now THAT’S what I call a monitor (61" screen)!

Additionally, I wish to thank you once more, Miki, for your follow-up to some of the questions I asked you in my previous reply to you. I priced out the OTG hub you use. It’s not only affordable, but it’s among the most highly rated powered OTG hub/Ethernet adapters out there! Presuming no unanticipated financial disasters (fingers crossed) that and a Cat 6 cable are on my shopping wish list for October. :jack_o_lantern:

Also, would you mind fleshing out for me what maintenance apps you’re using, so that I might consider them for my set-up? One app that I’d really like to have (if it exists), is a clean-up app that has been designed by its developer(s) to be intelligent enough to know what files can be disposed of and do so as well as being able to identify and shut down those apps whose developers decided it wouldn’t really matter if they kept running, even when they’re not needed. Sort of a cross between a file clean-up utility and a task killer app, perhaps? (Hey! If you’re gonna dream, dream big, right?) :thinking:

Well, time to be moving along. I’ve got my apartment that desperately needs cleaning, cooking to be tended to, and some preliminary sketches of a box for a Bluetooth receiver/amplifier I’m building for my digs!

TTFN :tiger:

I had the same problems with the old stick (5.6Gb). I have since bought the new 4KMax version which comes with 12 Gb. It is like night and day. No problems buffering or slow latency.

I use Bluetooth keyboard that I bought on Amazon. It simply pairs to the firestick and comes on when I turn it on.
I also use DuckDuckGo and now I can watch trailers with no issues. I uninstalled silk browser.

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