Motion Picture Association wants online ID checks to curb piracy

:clown_face:Motion Picture Association wants online ID checks to curb piracy

ID verification protocols are something ‘official’ online platforms, social media, email providers are looking at to make people more accountable for their online activities. All very well, but there will still be access to content without ID or any form of verification available, its impossible to ‘lock down’ all online content.

This is all apart of govermebts overreach and big tech control.

They want to own every aspect of the internet and it wont go well.


Don’t tell me this is about money.

According to the Motion Picture Association’s annual THEME report, combined ticket sales worldwide reached $21.3 billion in 2021, an 81 percent jump over 2020 ($11.8 billion). However, they were 50 percent behind 2019’s $42.3 billion.

The MPAA has been attacking internet freedom for over 30 years.



Yup, and using everything as an excuse to lock out the internet for control and monetization.

Its simply you see what we want you yo see and you got to pay for it… along with tracking… as they keep trying to squeeze more will reach out and jump ship.

Its worse when they bribe govermebt officals and politicians to support their evil agenda. Not to get off script here but this wont be easy this will be a fight.


It has been for 30 years that I personally know of and have been in the crosshairs of. The fight won’t be won by big brother in my lifetime, so I hope the young minds carry on. I know they will.


Yeah this is another way how Uncle Sam going to watching you :joy::joy::joy:

Sounds like 1984 to me.



Yup. never left just further developed in modern technologies.