More streaming app problems

Every link that I try to use to watch any episode of tv or a new movie has a problem. The link plays fine but it comes with closed-captions enabled. I’ve gone thru all my settings and they show my CC are disabled. If I use a real-debrid link, I have these problems but if I use a link that is not real-debrid and is hd, I do not have this problem.

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Sometimes cc is embedded into the video file you are watching and can’t be turned off.

Try different links and providers.

I’ve found that I get captions with any link that has the “.ru” in it. My guess is, it’s comming from mother Russia. But on the plus side, it ALWAYS plays without buffering with at least 720P. So I live with the captions and enjoy the content.

I have found that if you use a stream that ends in RABG there usually is no captioning.

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